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When you’re looking to upgrade your workstation, it can be hard to determine which parts are worth spending money on and which

do i need a 4k monitor for video editing

People are enthusiastic about 4K now, and it is no longer a buzzword. You don’t need a 4K monitor for video editing.


1. What is Monitor? A monitor is an electronic display device which displays visual outputs; it can also be called a video

are curved monitors good for programming

There are various benefits of curved monitors. The design of the monitors is perfect for watching. The setup gives a very good

what is vesa mount

There are numerous compelling reasons to wall-mount a flat-screen Curveden television or elevate your monitor over your desk. You’ll gain valuable space,

can i use a gaming monitor for work

Gaming monitors are designed for your graphics card because gaming monitors improve your graphic card performance when gaming. They are in charge