How to Connect 3ds to Computer Monitor

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As 3DS consoles become more and more popular, the number of games on the market grows as well. In order to take full advantage of this abundance of games, How to connect 3DS to computer monitor. How is it possible? Actually, it’s worth connecting your 3DS to your computer monitor to see games on a bigger screen rather than just on the console’s built-in display, If you want to play your 3DS games on the big screen but don’t want to shell out for an expensive new TV, here are 4 easy steps to connect your 3DS to your monitor.

1. How to Connect 3ds to Computer Monitor

Follow these steps To Connect 3DS to a Computer Monitor

Step 1: Prepare your 3DS

Before you can get started, you’ll need a few things. For starters, your 3DS and computer (either Windows or Mac will work) should be connected via a home network. You’ll also need two separate power outlets: one for your monitor, and one for your computer—you won’t want any interference between your video card and graphics card. And finally, you will want a couple of different types of cables; HDMI-to-Mini DisplayPort is the easiest, but HDMI-to-DVI or HDMI-to-VGA will work too.

Step 2: Hook Up HDMI Cable

Before setting up your Nintendo Switch, make sure your TV or monitor has an HDMI port. The type of port matters. Some TVs have HDMI ports that are not ARC capable and some monitors have HDMI ports that aren’t meant for game consoles. If your TV doesn’t have an ARC-enabled HDMI port, don’t worry; there is still a way for you to connect it with your Nintendo Switch!

Step 3: Setup Switch Settings

Once you’ve successfully connected your 3ds to your computer monitor, it’s time to set up and switch settings. You can access these switch settings through System Settings-> Language and Region Settings -> System Settings -> Switch Information. Ensure that Nintendo 3DS Console is selected in the drop-down menu of Device by setting Location: USA/EUR or JPN.

Step 4: Play Games on TV!

Once you’ve connected your 3ds game to the monitor and after Setup Switch Settings with 3ds know you play the game on a monitor or tv, you may find that some games are more suited for big-screen gaming. Some titles include The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Mario 64 DS, and New Super Mario Bros. If you’re having trouble finding some of these retro games online, check out eBay for titles like these. There are plenty available at auction with hard drives full of Virtual Console titles as well as Nintendo eShop downloads!

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2. Follow these steps To Connect 3DS to a PC

Connecting your 3DS console to a PC is a smart idea for three reasons: first, Download Emulator from Official Website. Second, Create or Sign in to an Account, Create or Sign in to an Account. Third, Connect your 3DS with your PC. Fourth, Configuring Emulator (NTR CFW). It’s time to get cracking! Let’s begin…

A word of warning

The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld gaming console. Connecting to a PC opens up some interesting possibilities for certain games but can also make other 3DS games unstable or unplayable. So, you’ll want to think twice before doing so with some of your favorite titles. Before we continue, please note that there are two methods of connecting a 3DS to a PC, one using homebrew software and another using unofficial firmware.

Step 1: Download Emulator from Official Website

Nintendo 3DS emulators are available to download online. PC emulators allow you to play Nintendo 3DS games on a big screen rather than just on a handheld device. If you want to know how to Connect 3DS to a PC, you need an emulator which can convert your 3DS graphics and sound into something compatible with PC architecture.

Step 2: Create or Sign in to an Account

If you want to play 3DS games on a PC without buying a separate TV, then you will need to create or sign in to an account on Nintendo’s eShop. The eShop is like an online version of a video game store where you can buy digital versions of both old and new 3DS games. The process of creating an account might seem a little tedious, but it only takes a few minutes.

Step 3: Connecting your 3DS with a PC

The 3DS can be connected to a PC to copy files, photos, and videos between them. Connecting a 3DS to a PC is very simple to do and only requires you to have access to a Windows or macOS system.

Step 4: Configuring Emulator (NTR CFW)

Connecting to a PC may sound scary, but it is not all that difficult. There are a few options for connecting to a PC: 1) First of all, plug your SD card into your computer and then create a folder called 3DS in its root directory. Next, download and extract NTR CFW onto your desktop. 2) Now go ahead and open up cmd (press Windows key + R to bring up Run prompt). Type in cd Desktop/NTR CFW/firmware/ and press enter.

3. Playing games on Computer Monitor

The Nintendo 3DS can easily be connected to a TV, but it cannot be connected to a PC. However, there are three ways you can use to play 3DS games on PC monitors. The first one is by using an SD card reader to play all kinds of files on a PC. The second one is by connecting a USB video capture device and video adapter to play 3DS games on your PC. And the third one is with an HDMI cable and wireless display adapter. 

4. Trouble Shooting

While connecting a 3DS to a PC might sound scary, it is actually very simple. One mistake many people make is to hook up their 3DS with a DVI-HDMI cable that’s too long. The result of hooking up with too long of a cable can be devastating, as you will see in our troubleshooting section below. Ensure you don’t accidentally damage your PC and/or Nintendo 3DS systems.

5. Frequently Asked Questions FAQs


5.1 Can you connect Nintendo 3DS to TV?

Since TV sets are now typically flat, Nintendo 3DS is not compatible with a TV set. Connecting Nintendo 3DS to TV may be possible if you have a TV that comes with a video out port or the ability to connect to another display device. However, if you do not have this available, then connecting your Nintendo 3DS to your computer monitor may be possible by plugging it into the computer’s HDMI port and adjusting the settings in the 3DS system settings.

5.2 Can you use a 3DS as a controller for PC?

Nintendo 3DS can be used as a controller for PC, but you will need an adapter that converts it from a mini HDMI cable to a standard HDMI cable.

5.3 How does the 3DS screen work?

The 3DS screen is a TFT color liquid crystal display. The Nintendo 3DS XL has a resolution of 800×240 pixels and a pixel density of 163ppi. The shape of the screen allows the player to see it in its entirety without any clipping, which is necessary for gameplay. All screens on the 3DS have anti-reflective properties that allow players to enjoy gaming during daylight hours.


If you’re an avid gamer, then it can sometimes be tricky to play a game on a handheld device. But with a few simple steps, you can turn your 3DS into an even more enjoyable console for hardcore gaming. If you’re not already playing 3DS games in front of a monitor, give it a try! You might just discover that you love it.