How to Connect Xbox to Computer Monitor

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What if you want to play your Xbox games on your computer monitor? Well, you’re lucky, because it’s quite easy to do! Below, we will show you how to connect Xbox to computer monitor so that you can get the most out of your gaming experience!

1. How to Connect Xbox to Computer Monitor

Follow these steps to connect Xbox to your computer monitor

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to connect Xbox to computer monitor.

Step 1: Plug your Xbox into your computer monitor

The first step in the How to Connect Xbox to Computer Monitor is Plug your Xbox into your computer monitor. Locate your computer’s VGA port it will likely be labeled PC IN or D-Sub and, using a 15-pin HD cable, connect one end of your monitor’s cord to your computer and then attach it to your Xbox.

Make sure that you plug-in power for both devices at all times when connecting them. If you do not have a 15-pin HD cable but still want to use an HDMI cord, use an HDMI adapter on either side of your connection. You can buy these adapters from most major electronics retailers.

The second option is to use an HDMI connection, which requires an HDMI cord and separate power cords for both devices. The simplest way to do so is by using a DVI-HDMI adapter; these are available at most electronics retailers.

Once you’ve got your two cords hooked up, plug in both ends of your monitor’s cord into your computer and then into your Xbox. Be sure to connect all necessary power cords as well. Note that, unlike a VGA connection, you cannot use an RCA audio-video connection cable with a computer monitor or television—these cables only work with game consoles like Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii.

Step 2: Choose the right cables

The second step in the How to Connect Xbox to Computer Monitor is to Choose the right cables. Most Xboxes come with standard video output jacks, including one for Composite Video and one for S-Video, you won’t be able to use them when hooking up your console to a computer monitor. To connect an Xbox to a computer monitor, you need two sets of cables: one for audio and one for video. For audio, all you need is a set of headphones or speakers connected to your PC sound card.

The easiest way to connect your Xbox 360 console to a computer monitor is by using HDMI, DVI, or VGA cables. A cable for each type of port on your console will allow you to output both audio and video through a single connection. When choosing which cable is right for you, consider whether you want it permanently installed on your console and how far away from your computer you plan on placing it.

If either of these factors makes it hard for you to sit in front of your monitor while gaming, an HDMI or DVI cable may be better suited for use with an HDTV connected through an external receiver. With a setup like that, all you need is one cable running from your console directly into your TV set-up.

Step 3: Configure settings

The third step in the How to Connect Xbox to Computer Monitor is to Configure your computer monitor settings. First, check your monitor settings. To do so, right-click on your desktop and select Screen Resolution. If you’re connecting a new PC or Mac, make sure you’ve signed into both accounts (for example, using two separate logins or entering two passwords).

Next, go to Advanced Settings and check that your computer is running in high-definition mode. In Windows 8.1 (or newer), press Windows+I on your keyboard and then click Adjust resolution. On an Apple computer running OS X Mavericks (or newer), highlight Displays > Display Preferences from your system’s menu bar.

You might also want to test your HDMI cable. If it’s not connected correctly, you won’t be able to see anything on your screen, even if everything else appears to be set up correctly. One end of your HDMI cable should connect to your Xbox or PlayStation video output port and a second cable should connect from there to your monitor’s input port.

Make sure that both ends are completely inserted and that they’re plugged in all the way — they should sit snugly but not too tight so that they pull out easily when you unplug them. Double-check which side is labeled input versus output (it will typically be labeled) before connecting anything.

Step 4: Configure HDMI ports

The fourth step in the How to Connect Xbox to Computer Monitor is to Configure your computer monitor with HDMI Port. If you are connecting your Xbox One directly to a monitor using an HDMI cable, and that monitor is not displaying a picture during setup, it may be because your HDMI ports have been disabled. To enable them, go to Settings on your console and scroll down until you see Display & sound. In that menu, select Video output settings.

At this point, you will want to ensure that both HDMI mode and TV resolution are set to Automatic. If either of these options is set differently than Automatic then you will need to change them in order for your display to work properly. Note: This option may not be available if your current video output setting is set at 1080p or 4K 60Hz; however those resolutions can be selected manually.

Step 5: Watch on your new big-screen TV (Optional)

The fifth step in the How to Connect Xbox to Computer Monitor is to  Watch on your new big-screen TV. Once your HDTV is set up and ready for action, you can connect it to your gaming console. The majority of today’s HDTVs come with multiple ports, including one for HDMI cables.

If you can’t find one that supports HDMI, chances are it also has a component-video input port (look for yellow, red, and white jacks). This may be a good option if you don’t have a high-speed Internet connection in your home yet; component video allows better visual quality than other connection types but doesn’t carry audio. Alternatively, use an S-Video cable if your TV has that type of input port.

Step 6: Enjoy HD gameplay on your computer monitor

The completion of all steps in the How to Connect Xbox to Computer Monitor then Enjoy HD gameplay on your computer monitor. A computer monitor has a higher resolution than most TVs, meaning you can enjoy HD gameplay on your computer monitor. It’s also worth noting that many computers are now manufactured with HDMI ports, which you can use for high-definition gaming. 

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2. Bonus Tip

One of the reasons that computer monitors are so popular is because they provide a larger viewable area than televisions. Playing on a bigger screen offers an immersive experience and makes it feel like you’re in a video game arcade. That’s why connecting your Xbox to a computer monitor can be an excellent choice for both work and play.

Not only does it mean you can enjoy your favorite video games in full-screen, HD glory, but you also get more screen real estate for working on documents and spreadsheets. If you’re thinking about hooking up your TV, consider connecting your Xbox One or original Xbox instead.

3. Frequently Asked Questions FAQs


3.1 How to connect Xbox one to pc monitor with DisplayPort?

The following list includes steps on how to connect an Xbox one to a pc monitor with DisplayPort:

  • Find your DisplayPort cable, DisplayPort extension cable, or DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.
  • Connect the DisplayPort end of the cable (or adapter) to your Xbox one console and the other end of the cable (or adapter) to an available DisplayPort input on your monitor.
  • Turn on both devices and navigate to the Xbox home screen.
  • Make sure that pc is selected as the audio output in Settings -> Preferences -> Audio Output.

Play a game on Xbox One and enjoy your games through a large TV-sized display!

3.2 How to connect Xbox one to pc monitor with HDMI?

Connecting an Xbox one to a PC monitor with HDMI is pretty simple and straightforward.

  • First, plug the power cable into the back of the console and then connect the HDMI cable to your monitor.
  • Next, use the included remote control and navigate to Settings > Display & Sound > Video Output > HDMI connection type.
  • From there, select PC mode which will enable your console’s video output for use on a PC monitor.

Now you’re ready to go!


An HDMI cable will allow you to connect the Xbox One to any TV, monitor, or projector that has an HDMI input. The HDMI connector also outputs both sound and video, which is essential for connecting to your computer monitor. It is not possible to output audio using an adapter or when an Xbox One is connected with a VGA cable.