What is Motion Blur Reduction – Check Best Guide 2022

What is Motion Blur Reduct

Motion blur reduction uses backlight strobing to generate motion clarity, Which is right for aggressive fast-paced games. The motion clarity monitor is excellent. It is less effective on your eyes or headaches during long gaming sessions. Any monitor, no matter how high-end or pricey, will rapidly lose its charm and utility if it is fuzzy … Read more

What Does Computer Monitor Response Time Mean? Why It Is Important


When you want a good and broad display monitor for a PC, you also want high-end output from it to give the greatest quality outcomes. However, selecting a display monitor without considering factors such as refresh rate, response time, and so on appears to be an impossible task. Although refresh rate, frame rate, response time, … Read more

How to connect multiple monitors with one CPU or laptop?

How to connect multiple monitors with one CPU or laptop

We’ve all heard that having numerous displays may boost productivity and provide a better user experience, especially when utilizing a CPU. Single-screen multitasking is just too limited. However, how can you connect multiple monitors with one CPU? You’ve come to the right place. This article explains how to connect two external displays to your CPU … Read more