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Motion blur reduction uses backlight strobing to generate motion clarity, Which is right for aggressive fast-paced games. The motion clarity monitor is excellent. It is less effective on your eyes or headaches during long gaming sessions.

Any monitor, no matter how high-end or pricey, will rapidly lose its charm and utility if it is fuzzy and does not put off enough clarity. Indeed, the goal of large organizations with high-end equipment is to ensure that the visuals are Colorful, clear, and have all of the necessary characteristics to be relied upon!

what is motion blur reduction

As a result, the reduction and eradication of motion blur in displays have always been susceptible to several ideas.

But what’s motion blur reduction, and why does it happen? The solution can be found right here in this article. Continue studying to gain the knowledge that has been noted after hours of research. When playing aggressive video games at 30 frames per second or much less, motion blur facilitates maintaining frames shifting easily and evenly. The monitor’s 60 frames per second may not be very useful.

1. What Exactly Is Motion Blur Reduction?

When you select motion blur reduction, the display strobes the illumination, producing CRT-like motion clarity, which is ideal for competitive gaming.

Motion blur reduction may be enabled or disabled in the gaming monitor’s OSD menu. This technique is known by several brand names depending on the monitor type, such as:

  • The ULMB from NVIDIA (Ultra Low Motion Blur)
  • NVIDIA LightBoost technology
  • DyAc from BenQ (Dynamic Accuracy)
  • ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Technology (ELMB)
  • LG’s Motion Blur Reduction 1ms
  • 1ms MPRT from Samsung (Moving Picture Response Time)
  • PureXP by ViewSonic

2. What Is the Process of Motion Blur Reduction?

If your monitor lacks MBR (motion blur reduction) characteristics, you may have eye strain in addition to being an eyesore. They function by either decreasing the amount of time a frame is displayed or boosting the monitor’s refresh rate. Another method is to generate a strobing effect by turning off the backlight in between refreshes rather than leaving the light on all the time.

Although your eyes will not detect these impacts, they will spend less time staring at each pixel because it is no longer visible for as long. Because of the technology and the built-in strobing effect, you will begin to feel as though you are using an outdated CRT display. As a result, the image appears and feels smoother to human eyes.

Motion Blur Reduction is an optional feature that may be turned on or off, and your GPU must be capable of handling a high number of frames per second in order to generate the strobing effect.

3. Solution To Motion Blur Reduction

All you need is the refresh rate and its ability to keep up with the display’s performance. If you choose a display with a high refresh rate, you can eliminate the problem of motion blur. In addition, many modern and innovatively built screens, especially those targeted toward gaming, include eye-tracking motion blur technology.

3.1. Reducing Motion Blur as Much as Possible

Reducing the motion blur effect on your display is also affected by the type of monitor you use. Furthermore, employing some ace software may assist you with quickly lowering the motion blur, although this__ again__ is primarily dependent on the monitor!

You may easily eliminate motion blur by increasing the refresh rate of the display.

3.2. Increasing the Rate of Refresh

As a general rule, boosting the refresh rate can help to reduce motion blur in gaming. Go to the Display Properties and select the Settings tab to raise the refresh rate. Now choose the advanced option, followed by the Monitor tab. From the drop-down box just beneath the display settings, choose the Refresh Rate. Simply put, it’s that simple.

4. Impact of Motion Blur on Gaming:

During playtime in high-speed games such as shooting games and racing games.

In the case of shooting games, if you swiftly move and point at your opponent, the visuals may become fuzzy for a short period of time owing to the quick motion you did when pointing at your opponent.

This might result in a lack of accuracy during games. 

Motion Blur Reduction is an important feature for games since it decreases ghosting effects around fast-moving objects. They can concentrate on their aim without being distracted by afterimages, giving them a competitive advantage against opponents who do not have MBR displays.

5. Graphics Cards support:

A decent graphics card is a must-have for any gamer, as we all know. They not only provide you a competitive advantage in games, but they also allow you to experience the most recent titles in full HD.

The first thing that is affecting motion blur is the graphics card you use. If you’re using an older graphics card that can’t render graphics at high rates, You will need to make sure your graphics card is up to date in order to handle these high speeds without blurring.

Motion blur on your monitor might occur when the refresh rate of your monitor is set too low for the graphics card that you are using with your computer.

6. Response Time:

The amount of motion blur is also affected by different types of panels such as (OLED, TN, or VA). More specifically, the speed of (GtG), refers to gray-to-gray pixel response time.

Twisted Nematic TN panels have a quick response time of around 1ms GtG.

Vertical alignment VA panels have the slowest transition speed between a dark and light pixel.

OLED does not require a backlight and can be faster than TN and VA displays.

Monitor manufacturers can now give the backlight strobing reaction time velocity of the display.

6.1. How to increase your monitor’s refresh rate

The ability to change the refresh rate should be included in the technical specifications of any modern monitor. In order to boost it;

open up settings> system > display>Advanced display settings.

There, you change the refresh rate and other display settings of your monitor.

Mac users must increase the refresh rate, following these;

Open up System Preferences > Displays and then click on the Arrangement tab to

There, you change the refresh rate.

Some monitors are locked down so that you cannot boost the refresh rate over a particular point, but if you have an older monitor, you might be able to.Try increasing it by a few points at a time until you reach your desired level.

7. What Is the Real Difference Between Strobing and No Strobing?

You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of strobing or what it is. Only a few technology websites cover obtaining the best depth and clarity from contemporary screens in terms of PC gaming.

This is odd because motion blur reduction TVs’ “no strobe” setting causes ghosting and smearing. This is because some individuals assume that turning off/disabling strobing lowers input lag, which can aid console players – but they are incorrect.

When you select the “No Strobing” option in your monitor, what happens is quite similar to when you use VSync. As the screen updates at a slower pace than the input signal, you will see a variety of compression artifacts and image quality deterioration. When things start moving quickly, you’ll see ghosting and blurring of items on the screen.

If you entirely turn off Motion Blur Reduction, your photos will appear ugly and grainy all of the time, with loads of motion blur and smear on fast object movement in games! This is why it’s vital to know what you’re getting into before investing in a gaming monitor or TV with this technology.

If your new purchase has an option “Without Strobing”, know that there is little reason to use it unless you are willing to live with poor visual quality all of the time if you can afford not to have strobing turned on for some marketing gimmick to reduce input lag.

This is also why it’s crucial to be cautious when purchasing PC gaming TVs that claim to have very little input latency! Even if the television has a gaming mode that significantly reduces input lag, you may find yourself wishing for much greater visual quality than what current LCD screens provide.

This is because most HDTVs’ processing cannot keep up, therefore even if they promise minimal levels of input latency, you will still see compression artifacts and smearing/ghosting issues when fast-moving objects show on-screen during intense gameplay! Some individuals, For example, some people prefer to play first-person shooters like Call of Duty at 60Hz rather than more demanding titles such as Battlefield 1, where the lowest allowable frame rate is 72Hz.

If you can get it to function properly, strobing is incredibly great and makes a tremendous impact on PC gamers, Another option is to get an Nvidia GSync monitor with ULMB for less than $600. (Ultra Low Motion Blur).

8. Common Eye Problems with Motion Blur:

After playing for extended periods of time, motion blur might cause your eyes to feel strained and exhausted. This is due to the fact that attempting to focus on a moving object in the game makes your eyes work harder.

9. Deal With Motion Blur Monitors

Motion blur monitors have many sources, these monitors give many options for reducing the blur motion. The steps for reducing motion blur from monitors are as follows:

9.1. Motion Blur Reduction turns on

One of the causes of blurry motion when playing games might be the monitor’s response time. The response time controls how quickly a pixel may change colors. You may most likely encounter ghosting if the reaction time is extremely slow. Even if your computer’s refresh rate is fast, ghosting can occur.

9.2. Motion Blur Settings Turns Off in Game

For the frame rate settings in your game, you should also check the motion blur settings. Most games provide options to help the game appear more dramatic or to compensate for poor frame rates.

9.3. Improve the Frame Rates of Game

Every display has a fast refresh rate, it does not necessarily have the same number of frames per second. It indicates that the monitor is capable of showing such frames. The majority of current gaming displays include a strong GPU and CPU, allowing them to function smoothly even at high resolution.

10. Pros of Motion Blur Reduction

  1. Ghosting effects surrounding fast-moving objects are reduced via motion blur reduction.
  2. This technique enhances frame transitions, making for a more comfortable viewing experience.
  3. Motion blur reduction reduces blurring and improves the clarity of on-screen images, text, and video material.
  4. Allows players to see their opponents more clearly, providing them with an advantage over opponents who do not have MBR monitors.

11. Cons of Motion Blur Reduction

  1. A high refresh rate is necessary for effectiveness.
  2. For efficacy, a high refresh rate is required
  3. If adjusted wrong, the increased motion on-screen might induce eye strain and headaches. This issue may arise if you have too many light trails in your peripheral vision while playing.
  4. Because it only works successfully with a high refresh rate, some gamers may not be able to utilize MBR at all and will have to turn on other features for the game they are watching or playing to seem clear again.
  5. Because certain older games don’t support motion blur reduction technologies, it won’t operate with them.

12. FAQ – What is Motion Blur Reduction

12.1. What exactly is V-Sync?

V-Sync (Vertical Synchronization) avoids screen tearing by restricting your monitor’s frame rate to the refresh rate of your display.

For example, if you’re playing a 60FPS game, V-Sync will set an upper limit of 60Hz on how high it can go, resulting in stuttering, input latency, and micro stutter if enabled on a 120/144Hz monitor.

12.2. What effect does turning off the display’s backlight have on motion blur?

The strobing effect is accomplished by delivering a signal to turn off the pixels in between refreshes in an ON/OFF pattern timed with the refresh rate.

This lessens the intensity of the light and helps to shorten the time it takes to “refresh” the screen between frames.

12.3. Is Motion Blur Bad for Gaming?

Yes, motion blur is horrible for gaming. You don’t want an image that stutters and judders. Like in the movies, you want clear, clean action at high frame rates.

When playing fast-paced games like Fortnite, even minor degrees of motion blur can make reading text or understanding what is presented in the game challenging.

12.4. Is There any Software for Motion Blur Reduction?

There are various software tools available for eliminating motion blur. Every software has there own advantages and disadvantages.


Motion blur reduction is only available in display monitors that have been specifically developed with gaming in mind to provide quality in fast-paced competitive games.

Although it may be used for routine graphics work, this function is ideally suited for games with high-end detailed performance.

MBR technology is gaining popularity and earning great feedback because of its strong approach, user-friendly and elegant output. If you choose to turn it on or off, that is a separate matter that is entirely up to you.