What is VESA Mount Monitors & TVs

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There are numerous compelling reasons to wall-mount a flat-screen Curveden television or elevate your monitor over your desk. You’ll gain valuable space, improved sightlines, and increased viewing angle flexibility. But, the question arises in your mind What is VESA Mount and how does it work before you break out the drill and stud finder, you must first choose a VESA mount that is compatible with your Television or monitor.

what is vesa mount

1. What is VESA Mount?

A VESA pattern is the arrangement of the four mounting holes on the back of a flat panel TV or computer monitor. For example, in a 100 x 100 mm VESA design, the screw holes are spaced 100 mm apart in a square.

furthermore, What is VESA Mount, and actually its work for a tv or monitor – Check the back of your monitor for VESA mounting holes before choosing a display mount. If the specifications are not specified, measure the distance between the holes to ensure you choose the correct mount.

Many monitor mounts are suitable with a range of VESA hole designs, so you should be able to know what is best for you.

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2. What does the VESA standard mean?

In the past, TV standard regulation was a joint project between the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The basics of VESA is that it’s a type of mount that attaches to TVs, monitors, and other video displays.

If you plan on purchasing one of these items for your home or office, you should familiarize yourself with VESA in order to understand how it works and what types of products support it.

3. How can I find the VESA pattern on my TV or Monitor?

Locate the four mounting holes on the back of your TV or computer display. They will be either square or rectangular in shape.

It is necessary to measure the distance between the holes. Inch equivalents for common VESA systems are shown in the table below.

What is vesa mount and how it find – It is easy and simple The distance between mounting holes in the example on the right is 400mm horizontal by 200mm vertical. The VESA dimensions and specs are 400×200.

what is vesa mount
VESA (mm)75 mm100 mm200 mm300 mm400 mm600 mm
Approx. Inches3″4″8″12″16″24″
Typical VESA Patterns in Inch Equivalents
VESA PatternApprox. Inch Equivalent
75 x 75 mm3″ x 3″
100 x 100 mm4″ x 4″
100 x 200 mm4″ x 8″
200 x 200 mm8″ x 8″
200 x 300 mm8″ x 12″


4. FAQ – What is VESA Mount

4.1. How do I know what VESA mount I have?

Measure the distance (in millimeters) between the top and bottom holes on the rear of your screen. Calculate the distance between the holes on the left and right. Put those two numbers next to each other, and you’ve got your VESA pattern!

4.2. How do I know if my TV is VESA compatible?

Measure the vertical and horizontal center line distance between the hole pattern on the back of the TV to see if it is VESA compatible. This measurement should match one of the dimensions listed above. The graphic below depicts how the holes on the back of your TV or monitor may appear.

4.3. Do all monitors have VESA mount?

Wall mounts are required for hanging a large screen TV, although arms and desk mounts are more commonly used for monitors. All problems have one solution, and that is a VESA mount. VESA mounting screw holes are integrated into the majority of today’s monitors and televisions.

4.4. Will VESA 200×200 fit 400×400?

You can use adapters to extend your 200×200 mount to VESA 400×400, but not the other way around. Using adapters, you may increase the size of your VESA pattern rather than decrease it. VESA has a large number of adopters. as 300×200, 300×300, 400×200, 400×300, and 400×400, but the adopter that must fit when fitted is the 200×200 plate adapter.

4.5. How do I know if my monitor is wall mountable?

If your monitor fits the most common size screw hole layout, you should be able to wall-mount it. In addition to this, it is also available in various sizes like 100x100mm and 200x100mm. It is possible to find the screen size on your monitor by consulting the manual or inspecting the back of the screen.

5. Summary

VESA Mount Monitors & TVs are easy to install and save you tons of space. If you don’t have much room in your house or office, VESA Mount monitors & TVs may be just what you need. VESA Mount Monitors & TVs make it easy for professionals and hobbyists alike to put together beautiful set-ups that take up less space, which is essential if you live in an apartment or small house.

A TV wall mount is adjustable: at an angle (tiltable), facing in different directions (turnable), or rotating 360 degrees horizontally and vertically (swiveling): this can be done within ±15° of horizontal and ±10° of vertical